Our Seventeen Twelve Gatlin' 110 stakes its claim as having the first high-proof moonshine legally made in the Foothills of North Carolina. Gatlin' 110 is crafted with a North Carolina state of mind using hand-selected corn, rye, and malted barley from local Carolina farmers. It is a straight-shooting clear whiskey with a mild undertone followed by a late kick reminiscent of the re-coil from a gatling gun. 

Product Features 

Proudly distilled and bottled in Conover, NC.

110 Proof  x  Double Distilled  x  Un-aged

Hedrick Corn (Catawba Co., NC)

Hedrick Abruzzi Rye (Catawba Co.,NC)

Riverbend Two-Row Barley (Buncombe Co., NC)


Gold - 2015 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards 

Silver - TheFiftyBest.Com 2016

Cocktail Suggestions

Our moonshine goes great for clear spirited cocktails, liqueurs, infusions. 

Distiller's Favorite - The Southeaster