North Carolina


Locally-Sourced × Double-Distilled × Hand-Bottled



Proudly distilled from 100% North Carolina Agriculture 


Seventeen Twelve Bourbon

North Carolina's first Bourbon grown, distilled, and aged since Prohibition. 

Seventeen Twelve Gatlin' 110

Award-winning and authentic high-proof moonshine made in the heart of the Foothills. 


Cocktails and Dishes prepared with Seventeen Twelve Spirits by local mixologists, chefs, and house artists.

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We care about what we produce.

We are apart of a movement to not only revive North Carolina's past time but to produce small batch, artisan spirits that would make any American proud. Both of our founders, Zack & Tim, were born and raised in North Carolina just like the spirits they proudly produce. Like any Carolina gentlemen, they were raised in honesty, pride, and taught to pursue dreams. These core principles are sustained today at the distillery. Our mission is to forge honesty and pride into the art of distilling, while supporting a local economy. We care about what we produce. From grain to glass, each batch is made from 100% North Carolina grains using our own hands and processes passed through time.

Russell Hedrick, holding freshly harvested "Hedrick Corn" from this year's crop. 

Russell Hedrick, holding freshly harvested "Hedrick Corn" from this year's crop. 

Seventeen Twelve 

In 1712, geographical differences of the Province of Carolina made it difficult to communicate and govern throughout the vast landforms. That year, the Lords Proprietors to the North of the Province would leave to establish the Province of North Carolina. This independence would be come official in 1729 when 7 of the Lords Proprietors sold their interests. Nearly 70 years later North Carolina would be the 12th State in the United States of America. Today, our products are distilled from North Carolina agriculture using our North Carolina heritage. Join us as we toast to Seventeen Twelve.


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